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[filmscanners] Re: No more Kodak CD-R's

Well, I guess you can't blame Maxell for wanting to see and maybe test
the disks, but I have a similar problem with some PD disks I bought.
They will not erase, due to their error buffers being fully written to,
which can happen if the drive begins to get sloppy.  No one informed me
of this when it was occurring, so I did it to a number of disks while
trying to determine why the drive was having problems reading and
writing files.  There is no way for a mere mortal to reclaim this
buffer, it is a high level format (or is that low level) anyway, it can
only be done with special software that the manufacturers have, and they
offered to fix these disks for me (they did cost $50 US each at the
time), but they contain confidential email and copyrighted materials
that I don't want floating around.

I'm still trying to figure out a way around this, so the disks sit
unable to be erased....


Julian Vrieslander wrote:

> On 10/17/02 4:51 AM, "Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca> wrote:
>>I don't know about the warranties in France, but here in Canada, Memorex
>>is one of the only companies which has only a one year warranty on their
>>CD-R/CDRW disks.  I know a guarantee isn't much help if you lose
>>irretrievable data, but I think it says something about the company's
>>faith in the product.  Most other companies offer unlimited lifetime
>>warranties on their disks.
> Warranties on media are not worth much in practice.  I had a large number of
> Maxell magneto-optical disks go bad.  Interestingly, these disks were
> purchased over a period of several years from different batches and
> different resellers.  They were all warrantied "for life".  But in order to
> claim my refund, I would have to ship the disks to Maxell.  There was
> confidential and financial data on those disks.  Because of that, and the
> cost of shipping, I just punted them into the trash and vowed never to buy
> Maxell again.
> --
> Julian Vrieslander <julianv@mindspring.com>

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