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[filmscanners] Silverfast NegaFix => combed histograms?

Hi all,

I noticed that when I'm using Negafix the output image has a combed
histogram. The histo displayed in SF looks smooth, but I assume that
it's the histo of the image _before_ the Negafix corrections. When I
open the output file in Photoshop however, the histo looks pretty bad
esp in the mid to low range. It looks almost as if a second histo curve
(one made from many discrete spikes) was artificially placed on top of
the "normal" one! Is this normal? The histograms of the images from both
VueScan and Polacolor Insight are OK. I'm using SF 5.5r<latest>  and a Polaroid 


PS: BTW, any comments on SilverFast 6?

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