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[filmscanners] Re: What can you advise?

Hi Andre,

I've not been ignoring you.  I wanted to contact someone off-list who
had a FS4000 to see if he might wish to comment, I left it with him.

I have only reviewed scans from this scanner, not having used it.  I
would expect from the result I saw that the SS4000 was less noisy than
the FS 4000 in shadows.  The manufacturers gave it very similar specs,
but I know the SS4000 was, if anything, underestimated in is numbers.
It is a pretty noiseless scanner, although the SS4000+ was somewhat

The FS4000 does have a firewire connection, but is still quite slow.
The SS4000 is pretty good even with the SCSI I connection.

I know the SS4000 does good B&W scans, but don't know about the FS4000.


Andre Moreau wrote:

> ----- Original Message -----
> From: "Arthur Entlich" <artistic-1@shaw.ca>
> To: <am1000@videotron.ca>
> Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 6:57 AM
> Subject: [filmscanners] Re: What can you advise?
> (...snip)
> The only other 4000 dpi scanner I know of is the Canon FS4000.  It is a
> diffused lighting scanner with an IR cleaning process called FARE.
> However, although it is by far the least expensive 4000 dpi scanner, the
> major complaints are that it is quite slow (even on firewire), it
> suffers from noisy shadows
> Art,
> Is the Canon FS4000 suffering from noisy shadows with all type of films or
> is this problem apparent only with slides ?
> How would the original Polaroid SS4000 compare with the Canon FS4000 for
> scanning b&w negative: silver halide and chromogenic C-41 process films ?
> Thanks,
> Andre

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