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[filmscanners] Re: Help with Minolta Scan Multi II and Mac Powerbook G3

Hi Sara,

Make sure you go to the Minolta European website and download the new
(as of like yesterday) software drivers and pdf manual for this scanner.
  I believe one of the upgrades has to do with it running on the Mac OX 9.

These drivers (as of yesterday) were not yet on the US/NA site.

Getting to the download section is a bit convoluted (its part of the
digital photo section, software)... each time I went there I seemed to
get there via a different route.

Also, Minolta doesn't know how to label their versions correctly.  This
new version (on the PC side, at least) is called ver 1.0 although the
earlier version is a higher number...

I hope this helps,


Sara Jane Boyers wrote:

> Ok, I just purchased a new Minolta Scan Multi II since I am just going over 
>to medium format photography.  I know it's discontinued but I purchased it new 
>'cause I could afford it right now (down to $700 at Samy's Camera in Los 
>Angeles), having just spent all my money on the camera system!
> BUT.... the scanner seems not to want to work with my Mac powerbook.  It is a 
>SCSI which is ok since my G3 is the bronze keyboard with a SCSI connection (I 
>have every connection possibly now (with a firewire card as well) but... it is 
>part of a daisy chain (in the middle) that previously had only the Minolta 
>Dimage Scan Elite that I have been using (and do love) for 35mm and an old 
>Umax flatbed scanner.   The numbers and termination codes are correctly set.
> The scanner software occasionally shows up when I work through Photoshop but 
>it is causing major freezing problems on my computer (I am working in Mac OS 
>9.1).  I have yet to get a full scan out of it because of these issues.
> Does anyone know what might be the problem?  I looked on VueScan and it does 
>not seem to be made for the Multi II.  My computer person thought there may be 
>a conflict with the two Minolta scanners, but we really do not know.  I would 
>prefer not to have to always disconnect one to use the other, the connections 
>are not that durable over time.
> Thank so much!  I am frantically trying to get up and running here.
> Sara Jane Boyers
> sjzb@earthlink.net

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