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[filmscanners] Re: Service/cleanup for Nikon LS-30 intheUK?

> Oh and for your information, the other parts
> DO get dusty.

The more isolated they are from the outside world, the less dust they
accumulate.  And each time you open a the mechanism to access them, you
break seals and allow dust to enter.

> But you wouldn't know that since you have
> never had your scanner apart, but rather would
> prefer to blindly go poking around inside.

The mirror in the front--the part of the scanner that collects the most dust
by far--is readily visible, and thus does not require poking around blindly.
Nor does it require disassembling the scanner.  The front of the lens is
equally accessible in this way, although it never seems to get dirty.

> Also the condenser lenses in the LED assembly
> also get dirty, obviously not as critical, but
> a point to check as well.

Unless they are truly filthy, they aren't going to make much difference.
And it's hard to understand how they would get filthy in a relatively sealed

Indeed, pratically the only part of the scanner with sensitivity to dust is
the aforementioned mirror, because it must reflect focused light from the
backlit film to the lens.  Fortunately, it is also the part that is the most

One reason why my cameras and lenses do not accumulate much does is that I
don't open them up or take them apart any more than absolutely necessary.
The camera bodies and lenses are always either mated or covered.  Lens caps
are always in place except when I am taking a picture.  I never disassemble
cameras or lenses.

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