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[filmscanners] Re: Scan "Glow"

Oh, one final though...

I used to live in and around NYC, and it can have some horribly smoggy
days when weather conditions are conducive to air inversions.  Also, if
your scanner is housed in an office building or apartment complex where
you have shared air, the pollution can be rather bad, especially if
smoking is allowed.

A friend of mine who lived in metropolitan New Jersey, near NYC, had a
ionic and filtration air cleaner in his business, which was in an office
building.  He allowed no smoking at all within his area, but when he
cleaned the unit, the amount of tar and nicotine in the filters was

He finally moved his business out of that building in part due to that.


Robert DeCandido, PhD wrote:

> Hello All,
> My apologies for the delay in responding but I receive the
> Filmscanners info in Digest form (once per day).
> To answer some questions: I do have a cover for the scanner (since Day
> 1), so dust is not an issue.  Also, the "glow" around white objects in
> the scan of the slide surrounds the object itself.  (That means the
> glow is seen in the horizontal and the vertical.)  So, I think the
> response about the different layers of the slide film being the
> culprit is accurate.  And, that this effect is being seen with
> different scanners by different manufacturers (Nikon, Minolta,
> Polaroid) seems to indicate that it is a CCD/Design effect/flaw.
> By the way, at Baboo on West 20th Street in Manhattan, NYC, E-6
> processing (for 35mm Provia/36 exposure) is $5.20 USD if one pays in
> cash (three hour processing).  Tax is 8.25% on top of that.  Push
> processing is $1/roll extra.  Processing may be a few cents cheaper at
> FlatIron nearby on West 17th street ($8 for three hour processing and
> $4.62 for 24 hour processing).  The girlfriend/photographer prefers
> Baboo, while I prefer the latter.  We just wish there was a better way
> to reduce the glow surrounding fledgling Peregrine Falcons
> photographed in June at 55 Water Street and then Riverside Church.
> Thanks All,
> Robert DeCandido, PhD

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