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[filmscanners] Re: Switch from Win98SE to XP?


You seem to be contradicting yourself slightly. You say you have crashed XP,
yet you then seem to be saying that it is the programs that are crashing -
without XP crashing. As I understand things, XP (and 2000) were designed to
resist crashes caused by other firm's programs (over which MS has little or
no control), and to allow you to restart the program without any effect on
the OS. Whereas most program crashes with Win98 would take out the OS as

>From my experience, XP is very successful. I did get a blue screen yesterday
after installing a new audio driver, which XP clearly didn't like. But the
blue screen was at startup, and stated that in order to protect itself, XP
would not run. I had to go into Safe mode and use System Restore to get rid
of the driver and all its trimmings. I couldn't have done that before with
Win98. I'd have probably ended up doing a fresh installation of Win98 and
all programs!

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: <HMSDOC@aol.com>

I have both the XP Pro and Home on different computers.  Neither computer is
networked, which apparently Pro is the better for.  They have both performed
equally well, the main problem being getting drivers for some peripherals,
but even that is less of a problem these days.  Is it true that they never
crash?  No way, they certainly do...I have managed to crash both of them
(with equal frequency).  But they certainly crash way, way less than my old
Windows 95 or ME.  They also have a kinder, gentler crash  (you can often
close the program and restart without a freeze-up or needing to reboot).

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