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[filmscanners] Re: Initial Scan

Hi Howard,

I am working from memory here, because I can't get to my scanner to turn
it on and use Insight.

Within Insight there is a menu tab called "TONE" which is where you can
adjust the contrast and brightness(?).  By adjusting the brightness
sliders you can move the black and white points.

You can then look at the curves menu tab and see how the results look.
Also, you can go back to the tone tab and move it until the histogram is
unclipped.  I also believe I recall there being some tools
(eyedroppers??) on the Curves page that allow you to move the endpoints
around... again, this is from memory without the software, so I might be
dreaming ;-)


hmsdoc@aol.com wrote:

> I guess my question is..if one did find that the histogram was clipped in 
>Photoshop what is it that one would do in the Insight scanning software in 
>order to go back and rescan the image so that the histogram was no longer 
>clipped.  What adjustment would be made in the scanner software prior to 
>rescanning in order to get it right?
> Howard
> HMSDOC@aol.com
>>Are you finding images that look unclipped in Insight which are showing
>>up clipped in PS?
>>As you stated, in PS you are looking at an image which is already
>>scanned, so it requires a rescanning if there is a clipping problem.
>>HMSDOC@aol.com wrote:
>>>Generally, when scanning I have just been letting the scanner software do its
>>>thing (Polaroid Insight with SS4000+) and importing to Photoshop to adjust
>>>levels etc....Should I be looking at histograms before 'finishing the scan'
>>>and working in PS to make sure there is no clipping etc.....I guess this
>>>breaks down to a few questions:
>>>1) If you want to look for clipping at the white and black points is it best
>>>to look at the histogram in the scanner software (which to my eye is a bit
>>>difficult to read) or in PS after the scan is done and imported (which has
>>>easier to read histograms but would require a total rescan if there were a
>>>2) If there wer clipping at, say, the white point...what could be done with
>>>the scanner software to improve that situation and compress the histogram?
>>>3) Same question as 2, but with the black point being

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