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[filmscanners] Re: Trouble with Canoscan FS4000US

Hi Stefan...

You see you shouldn't bring your scanner skydiving, they just aren't
designed for that kind of stress ;-)

There are several possible causes for the defect you are seeing, as
others have commented on your webpage.  It can be dirt on the CCD, on
some dud CCD elements, etc.  The fact that the defect covers such a wide
area makes it more likely to be dirt of some sort, and that there is a
convergence problem showing (blue on one side Yellow on the other and
magenta in the middle, makes it likely the problem is a fairly "large"
and 3-D (relative to the CCD area) piece of something which is going
across the triline sensor obstructing numerous sensor elements, and
perhaps mainly effecting the green filtered sensor.

Definitely do NOT take you scanner apart.  BUT you might be able to
"fix" this problem with the help of some gravity.  Try turning your
scanner on different planes (no not the type you jump out of!) and give
it some gentle raps on all the sides with each move.

This might dislodge the offending dirt, if that is the cause.

I mean GENTLE, nothing to cause the thing to rattle and wrap the
side!!!, More like drumming your fingers on a desk, when you are feeling
impatient.  Do this all over the sides of the unit, and then try another
scan. If it goes away, great, I wouldn't much worry about it.  If the
tramline moves, changes colors, etc, likely it is a piece of dirt and
you might be able to move it somewhere where it won't cause problems at
all, by continuing to rotate the device and gently tap the sides.

If that doesn't change anything, you either have a piece of something
there that doesn't wish to move easily, or there is some further
problem, in which case, time to send it off to Canon for a warranty repair.

Let us know if you are at all successful.


Stefan Brck wrote:

> Hello
> i have serious trouble with errors on my scans with Canons Canoscan FS4000US
> film scanner.
> I have a WWW page http://www.skydiver.de/stef/fehler.htm with 2 pictures and
> repair history.
> Has someone seen this error before?
> Maybe it is a tramline (see www.halftone.co.uk) error, but i am not sure.
> Thanks for your interest and comments
> Stefan

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