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[filmscanners] Re: ADMIN: was RE: Density vs Dynamic range>AUSTIN(2a) - ...

Oh no! Let's not start a long debate about whether it was On or Off topic!
Can we not let this item rest in peace?


At 06:58 PM 23/06/2002 -0400, you wrote:
>I have to say, I have been following this 'debate' from afar.  Very afar,
>because after the first few posts I, frankly, lost interest.  However, I also
>wholehearedly agree with Austin's post here.  I do not see how anyone could
>say that the discussion was off topic for a filmscanner list.  Not my cup of
>tea, but I certainly think it belongs on list for those that are interested.
>If a topic is uninteresting to me, but still appropriate I just skim the post
>or outright delete.  Anyway, I will probably get flamed for this....
>Proper decorum and respect in discussion is another issue entirely and,
>frankly, I haven't been following closely in that regard.  Please don't
>interpret my comment as suggesting that any type of decorum can be used
>assuming that the subject is on topic.
>  Hi Alex,
>  It comes across that you (and some others) somehow believe the "Density vs
>  Dynamic Rage" thread was off-topic.  In fact, it could not be more ON topic.
>  It may not be a topic that (unfortunately ) interests a lot of list members,
>  but it IS an important topic (far more important than a lot of people may
>  understand) that does relate to filmscanners.
>  There are many topics on this, and other lists, that don't please
>  everyone...for one example, I could care less about Viewscan and Nikon
>  scanners (although some of the discussion about Nikon scanners does interest
>  me), but they ARE related to film scanners, and do belong here...except when
>  this group becomes a Viewscan support group...now that's out of line IMO.
>  I believe this group is everything from "how do I turn my scanner on" to
>  "what is the spectral response of the LEDs in the Nikon 8000ED
>  scanner"...it's all about filmscanners.
>  Regards,
>  Austin
>   >>
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