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[filmscanners] RE: Density vs Dynamic range

Hi Rob,

> ...nobody else can see
> through his genius thoughts and reasoning

I believe most people on this list, once it gets past the initial
explanation/concept, when it gets into the details, don't follow something
like this.  Nothing wrong with that.  There are also few who have the
background to really partake in the discussion to a very in-depth level, as
well as something like this, apparently, being difficult to explain via
email.  I believe in a room with a white board, or a well written paper
(which I've been asked to do many a time), would go a long way towards
people understanding this.

> or he just insists on his point
> until everybody else gets tired of and stops 'discussing' which
> he in return
> interprets as an agreement to his statements....

Not in the least.  Laurie seems to be the only one who got it ;-)  I don't
believe we ever came, much to my surprise, to full closure with Peter and
Julian, whom I had hopes of doing so...but for some reason, what I write
doesn't seem to make it to what they read...  We did get a lot of points
agreed on...but I just don't know what failed in the communication that we
couldn't come to conclusion.  I consider this a failure on my part in that I
was unable to successfully communicate the important points and make them
understood...but honestly, I don't know how much easier I could have made
it.  Perhaps, I am taking some aspect of this for granted, which leaves my
explanations incomplete.  Perhaps writing that paper will help a lot.

I certainly don't mind continuing explaining anything I can to someone who
is genuinely interested in understanding/discussing the issue (ask Todd ;-).
Certainly at this point in this discussion, the participants, as it appeared
to me, were simply restating things already stated, and I don't believe
points were getting understood.  It's a shame, since I believe this very
issue is a very important one to understand.

Hey, I did get a copy of the ISO proposal out of the discussion, a resource
I didn't have before ;-)



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