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[filmscanners] RE: Density vs Dynamic range

Hi Laurie,

> >Dynamic range is, in our case, (dMax - dMin) / noise.
> I guess I tend to want to stay away from that definition in part because I
> am not really able to visualize it very well


> Alas, you are beginning to lose me because of my limited technical
> engineering knowledge - I suspect - with your first paragraph.
> With respect
> to the first part of the second paragraph, I understand what you
> are saying
> and I agree, for what it is worth.  However, my understanding and
> agreement
> with the second part of this paragraph may turn on the
> terminological use of
> the notion of "accurrately."  If I understand what you have been saying, I
> can see that the number of bits has no bearing on "accuracy of
> representation" in the literal corrspondence notion of truth
> sense; but in a
> more figurative sense where the terms "accuracy of
> representation" stand for
> ability to define the density range in terms of finer gradiations or more
> descrete segments, I would suggest that it does increase the ability to
> discern and designate finer differences within the the density range.

It does, you are right...but only to the point of reaching the noise level.
Once you have resolved down to the noise, resolving any further simply
doesn't give you any more information.

> Unfortunately, I think the confusion stems from your desire to use the key
> terms in their very precise technical sense as defined in engineering
> formulas and concepts whereas I am only able to really grasp the general
> theoretical sense of the concepts in more metaphorical meanings.

Well, you DID have it, so I thought...then someone confused the situation by
adding some inaccurate statements...which we are still sorting out.

Simply put, dynamic range is the number of steps within the density range.
I believe we have no problem with the definition of density range...right?

Damn, I have to write this whole issue up and post it on the web some
time...it just keeps coming up...and up...and up... ;-)



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