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[filmscanners] RE: Film resolution - was: Re: 3 year wait

> Austin writes:
> > It's to what degree it sees it.
> Samples do not have "degrees"; either they exist, or they don't.

Sigh.  I did NOT say samples have degrees.  I said there is a degree to how
much of [a line] occupies a sensors FOV, as in "to what degree [the sensors]
sees [the line]".

Simply put, a line (of the nature we have been discussing) that occupies
~%25 of the FOV of a sensor will give a value of ~%25 of full scale.  The
SAME line (slightly shifted with respect to the sensor) occupying %75 of the
FOV of a sensor will give a value of %75 of full scale.  Do you not
understand those two values as being different, even though they "see" the
same line?

Let's say those two sensors are adjacent...and the two of them see the whole
width of the line.  Now, compare that with a sensor pair that has one of the
two sensors has %100 of its FOV occupied by the line, and therefore gives a
value of %100 of full scale...and the sensor next to it 0.  Now, are you
saying that those two sensor pairs are giving you the exact same

> > Who said there were?
> "It's to what degree it sees it."

Here is what you said that that was in response to:

"> There are no partial samples."

What does anything I said have to do with "partial samples"?  Nothing.  I
never mentioned partial samples at all, only you did...and it is true there
are no partial samples, but so what?  I has nothing to do with what we are
discussing.  "degree" a line is seen by a sensor has nothing to do with
partial samples.  You do this frequently.  Reply to something that is true
by simply saying it isn't, and then stating some unrelated irrelevant fact.

This discussion isn't really going anywhere, and I have many other things to
do, so we'll just have to disagree.


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