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[filmscanners] RE: Film resolution - was: Re: 3 year wait

> P.S. - An experiment for those who like to do such things.  Most all
>        phone lines that travel any distance are digitized at a 8Khz
>        rate (PCM), which by Nyquist gives a 4Khz bandwidth.  It's really
>        less than this due to implementation imperfections and because
>        it has to travel analog-style perhaps a few miles through wire
>        before getting to the CO where it's digitized.  Try send a 2Khz
>        square wave (Black and white) over the phone across town and
>        see what comes out the other end.  Then send a 2Khz sinusoid.
>        One will work pretty well, the other will not. Even though the
>        sampling is at "4f".

Your experiment has nothing to do with scanners though...they sample
entirely differently.

> P.P.S. - To summarize this "argument", one side says Nyquist was an idiot
>          and here's some scanning samples to prove it.

No one said Nyquist was an idiot, just that people are misunderstanding what
it means, and misapplying it to scanners.


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