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[filmscanners] Film resolution - was: Re: 3 year wait

> ...11.1MegaPixels, is within a MP or two of
> actual 35mm film resoution (at
> least as far as E-6 and C-41 films go).

And...I contend 11MP (true pixels) isn't near 35mm resolution, except of
maybe some of the lower resolution films.  This is shown clearly in the film
MTF charts.

Whether you believe 1000:1 is practical or not, isn't relevant, as film CAN
record that.  At 120 lp/mm, that's 6k per inch, so a 35mm frame would
contain ~6k x ~4k or 24M at that reduced resolution (since some films have
up to 200 and more at 1000:1, that's a low number).  It also depends on
whether you are trying to resolve grain or not.  Some people WANT to resolve
grain, and some want to resolve just above it.

Also, keep in mind that to scan RELIABLY you need to scan at around 2x the
resolution you are trying to scan...so to reliably scan 4k per inch, you
would need to scan at a resolution of 8k per inch.  This explains why PMT
(drum) scanners can "get more" from film than current CCD scanners, as the
drums can scan at a higher resolution (up to 10k) that reliably approaches
the film resolution.


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