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[filmscanners] Re: Firewire Card

If Bill gave everyone who bought all the other garbage OS's his company
has sold them previously a free copy of XP (and maybe compensated
everyone for the wasted hours and days and months of hardship as a
result of those bug-infected vermin he called software) I'd be much
kinder to him.  Mr. Gates made his fortune by plaguing the world with
poorly written software which helped set the industry back years, if not
decades, using the power and wealth he accumulated, to force smaller and
better made products off the market (or he bought them and buried them
within his garbage) further concentrating his power and wealth.

In nearly any other industry I can think of, his practices would have
either put him out of business, or at least landed him in jail.

In some ways, Windows (of whatever vintage) still hasn't surpassed the
OS written for the Amiga, over 10 years ago.

Unfortunately, due in part to his illegal business methods, we're stuck
with whatever schlock his company spews out.

Scanning reference: has he yet incorporated a decent color management
system into his OS?


Bob Frost wrote:

> Howard & Art,
> I have had XP Pro for several months and am delighted with it after 20 yrs
> of other operating systems (and NikonScan and Vuescan seem to work perfectly
> with it). However, even Bill Gates cannot imagine and therefore prevent all
> the things that other software writers or users will try to do to his
> operating system. I have had XP crash three times in several months. Once
> this was due to using old software that did not pretend to be XP compatible;
> once it was due to using new software that did claim to be XP compatible,
> and once was due to me trying to be clever but actually being very stupid!
> However, the new error reporting system seems to work well, and should
> ultimately sort out even these problems.
> Reading the frequent posts from users of Mac 9.x and X systems, suggests
> that Bill isn't the only one who can't read everyone's mind.
> That's why planes flown by computers have several computers running with
> different operating systems, so that they can't all make the same mistake at
> the same time. If expensive dedicated software like this can't be perfect,
> why should we expect cheap consumer software like Mac or Windows OS's to be
> perfect. Very little (nothing?) else in life is!
> Bob Frost.
> ----- Original Message -----
> From: <HMSDOC@aol.com>
> C'mon now Art, this is Windows XP (it can take you wherever you want to go
> today) and Mr. Bill has assured me that it will never crash  :>)
> << As odd as this might sound for a MS product, that is, in principle, all
>  that is involved.  However, I have found it is usually wise when adding
>  hardware to a MS OS to rest your vocal cords for several days prior, in
>  case you require them for a session of screamed 4 letter words, when you
>  whole system locks up during reboot and you can't even get a safe mode
>  screen to open ;-)
>  Art

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