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[filmscanners] RE: 3 year wait

> > > I run film recorder, and in those terms, the "general" resolving
> > > power of 35mm emulsions is referred to as "4K"...
> >
> > > "4K" is:
> > > 4096 x 2731 true pixels (apprx. 32MB TIFF file in 24bit, double
> > > that for 48bit) which
> > > 4000ppi at 36x24mm significantly exceeds.
> >
> > Mac,
> >
> > What you have described above is obviously 2700 PPI.
> Nope.
> 2700ppi does not achieve the 4K "standard".

Sigh.  You didn't understand my point.  Calling something a "4k standard"
when it's only ~2700ppi is not right in my book.

> I'd say that 11-12MP of true pixel info IS pretty
> much what (Ektachrome,
> at least) film can resolve.

I certainly disagree with that, and have easily proven differently.

> > 4k PPI for something
> > the size of a 35mm film gives you ~4k x ~6k, or 24M PIXELS, or 72M byte
> > files...as you say, significantly exceeds that...
> Actually 4000ppi is 21.4 megapixels, about 61.4 MB in Tiff, but
> who's counting ? :-)

My numbers were purely illustrative and ball part enough to make the point,
hence the "~" before my numbers.  The point was, it's 4000SPI, irrespective
of the actual size of the film scanned.

> And, btw, 4K at the pixel dimensions stated above is over 11
> million pixels.
> I think that 11MP is the "holy grail" of digicam sensors to
> "equal" 35mm film for most
> all intents and purposes.

Yeah, but it isn't even close, and that's a whole other ball game.  It
depends on the film, development, exposure etc.  Film has FAR FAR more
usable information than 11M pixels.  Also, digicams, at least the Bayer
pattern ones, aren't really real pixels, they are interpolated pixels.  The
Bayer pattern has %50 green, %25 red and %25 blue sensors.  Personally, I
don't appreciate this inaccurate marketing information that these companies
have put out.  The camera may put out N M pixel files, but the actual sensor
is NOT N M pixels, it's N M sensors, and a sensor element is NOT the same as
a picture element, as far as color goes (in Bayer pattern cameras that is).
It's misinformation.


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