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[filmscanners] Re: OT: which wintel OS for digital imaging?

Rob et al.,

I upgraded from Win98SE to XP Pro and am delighted with it. After running
the XP advisor which told me what drivers etc I would need, I kept Win98 on
one drive while accumulating the necessary drivers in XP on the other. Now I
have deleted Win 98 and everything works much better than before. The only
two programs that have crashed XP (blue screens) are the XP version of
Norton Utilities 2002 (so I don't use that any more, and don't really need
to since so much protection is now built into XP), and the non-XP version 5
of EasyCDCreator. McAfee Viruscan6 (XP version) also deleted all OE emails
until a patch was released!

But on the Win2K v WinXP comparison, since XP is essentially Win2K, and MS
says that 2K drivers will usually work OK in XP, I don't really see how XP
can be considered inferior. I'm not totally sure what has been left out of
the Home version, but in the Pro version System Restore has enabled me to do
many silly or experimental things without the need for a complete reinstall,
and the ability to make a complete System backup to floppy and CD (complete
with all partition info on four disks) and then to restore that perfectly,
using the XP installation CD is brilliant. Personally I don't like all the
flashy front-end of XP, but it is very simple to switch everything back to a
Windows Classic look and behaviour.

The XP Pro version can often be bought with a 50 cashback in the UK, so
it's not much dearer than the Home version.

However, I realise that people's responses to change are very variable. We
only have to look at how some Mac users swear by version 9 and hate X;
others love X and wonder what the others are complaining about. So if Mac
users (using the 'most perfect operating system ever invented') can't agree
on which of their versions are best, what hope have we 'poor Windows types'
got of agreeing.

Bob Frost.

----- Original Message -----
From: "michael shaffer" <michael@shaffer.net>

> OK then Why? W2K    over XP -
> Is this from experience have you used XP?

  The more appropriate question would be why XP? ... that is, with respect
to 2k being tried & tested.  Stable drivers are a BIG issue, and a BIG
question for XP.

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