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[filmscanners] Re: New Purchase

Hi Ed, and welcome to the group.  You'll learn a lot here (even stuff
you probably didn't want to know ;-))

My first question to you is what is your budget.  The reason I ask is
because ebay can sometimes give a false sense of what you have to pay
for things like scanners, because people bought items a while back and
don't know current pricing which is sometime slower.

My second question is what do you want to do with your film scanner?
Buying the cheapest can often be poor economy.  Ask almost anyone here.
  Many of us are on our third or fourth scanner in the quest to get what
we needed.

In regard to ebay, I buy a LOT of used products there and elsewhere, but
buying a used film scanner may not be prudent.  Not only are they easily
damaged if manhanded during shipping, but they are complex devices and
many wear out or just fail.

A quick rundown:

If you do not need the 5 x 7" print scanning at 300 dpi (and most of us
do not, since flatbeds are both cheaper and better than that these days)
I would stay away from the HP S-20.  I owned two (after three HP S-10).
  I don't now own any... they all went back to HP.  Not only do they has
a number of design problems and software problems, they are not as
reliable as they could be due to the amount of mechanical aspects to the
design so that it could scan both prints and film.  The one advantage is
it is still a "current model".

The RFS 3600 in terms of specs is the best scanner of the three, but
there were a lot of software issues.  I do not know if they have been
resolved.  If they have it is probably a good deal, assuming it is
working well.  It is made by a division of Microtek, the same division
that makes the PrimeScan 1800 and others.

The Polaroid 35plus was a good scanner, in fact, it was probably one of
the best in its time.  The main problem I've heard about is that it
sometimes the slides didn't sit evenly in the holder, so the image
needed to be rotated to correct this.  It is no longer an current model
with Polaroid, and since Polaroid's scanner division is being sold, you
may find there are no longer parts available for it.

If you supply some more info about your budget and needs I can give you
more suggestions.


Ed Renenger wrote:

> Hello all, I am new to the filmscanners list, but am excited to be a part of
> this group.
> I am currently in the process of purchasing a film scanner and intend to buy
> a used scanner.  I am debating between a Kodak RFS 3600, Polaroid Sprintscan
> 35 Plus (Model cs3600) and an HP Photosmart S20.
> Based upon my budget constraints, the Polaroid or the HP seem to be the
> logical choice.  I would appreciate any recommendations for one over the
> other.
> That being said, I may be able to acquire the Kodak for a relatively
> reasonable price.  If so, would you recommend that I purchase that instead?
> Based upon your experiences (or conversations from others) have you found
> the Kodak to be a significant step up from the Polaroid or the HP?
> Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
> Ed Renenger

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