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[filmscanners] Nikon LS4000 Depth of field

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  • Subject: [filmscanners] Nikon LS4000 Depth of field
  • From: "" <al@greenspace.freeserve.co.uk>
  • Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2002 23:59:16 +0100
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I know there are regular posts about the limited depth of field of the
LS4000 and one work around was to set the focus to some point
between the centre and the corner of the frame.  (I believe this is
how Vuescan focusses by default on this scanner.)

Although I think most people accept this is a valid concern, I'm still
unclear how effective this approach is in getting round the issue.
So two questions for those who have used the LS4000.

Firstly, does the setting of focus point in this way work for 100% of
shots or are badly bowed slides still compromised?

Secondly, does Nikonscan allow you to set the manual focus point
permanently to the optimum point or does it have to be reset for
each scan?

This issue seems to be the only real negative aspect of this scanner
(well apart from the price and Nikon's notoriously poor customer

I hadn't intended to the stretch my budget to an LS4000 but recent
posts on it's ability to get right into the shadows on dense slides
(apparently without streaking or banding) have made me more
interested in it.  (I think I have also pursuaded myself that I do need
the extra resolution of a 4000dpi scanner.)  Given that the Canon
FS4000 doesn't seem, by all accounts, to perform quite as well in
the shadows and that Polaroid SS4000Plus may never reach
Europe, my options are rather limited!

Al Bond

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