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[filmscanners] Re: Epson Printing Post Scanning...continued

HMSDOC@aol.com wrote:

> I am starting with a 4000ppi image with the scan being the same size as the
> slide when I scan in Vuescan.  When I print in PS I go to Image Size and then
> change the image size to, say 8x10 with image proportions constrained and
> change the resolution to 360 dpi.  I check the box to allow resampling to be
> done (is this correct when you are decreasing the resloution, my
> understanding is that the optimal res to send to the printer is 360 and that
> it is better to send 360 dpi than to send more and have the printer driver
> sort it out).  Then it gets sent to the printer.

Hi Howard,

You are making an error, in that you are forcing PS to resample an image
that doesn't require any.  If you convert a 4000 ppi/dpi image to 360
ppi/dpi without doing any resampling, you will end up with an image size
of about 10" x 15" from a 35mm frame.  This does NO alteration to the
data at all, until of course, the printer driver gets to it.

I used to resample so I ended up with exactly 240 dpi/ppi on my older
Epsons, as Epson used to suggest this, and I did find it was sharper
with the older drivers.

However, with more recent printer models, it is probably better to just
type in the dimension you need in one direction, have PS figure out the
other (constrained dimension) and let the ppi/dpi fall where it may, as
long as it is over or near the recommended number.  In other words, if
you get an 7.5" x 11" becoming 487.7 dpi/ppi, just leave it there and
allow the printer driver to deal with it.

The only disadvantages to this approach that I know of are that the file
is larger, and takes longer to spool by the printer, you need more spool
space, and the file, if it is saved on disk, also takes more space.

The advantage is that the data is not "corrupted" and can be altered in
dimensions at a later time, and still be working with the "non-sampled"



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