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[filmscanners] Re: SS 120 questions

I wish I could help, I am still waiting for Adobe to send me my PS7 upgrade!
I will probably not install it in the short term anyway, as I have my
workflow adequately supported with PS6 and I don't want to start having
configuration issues upset that flow.

I wouldn't have though Adobe would have rewritten the plug-in interface as
there was nothing wrong with it., so I would presume that existing plug-ins
would work.  Do any other plug-ins work?

Sorry I cannot be of help.


On 23/4/02 8:57 pm, "James L. Sims" <jlsims@knology.net> wrote:

> I'm not sure about the circle in the SilverFast image window, Simon, I'll try
> to check it
> out.  Right now I'm having trouble getting ps 7 to recognize the Silverfast
> plug-in - ps 6
> is still on my machine.  Can you provide any assistance on this?
> Jim
> Simon Lamb wrote:
>> Jim
>> Thanks for your reply.  On the film flatness issue, I do not think it is
>> flatness as I can do five scans without touching the film and two will be
>> pin sharp and three will be soft.  If it was bowing of the film I would
>> expect them to all show the same sharpness or flatness.  Guess I might have
>> a unit with a defective focus mechanism.
>> Another question.  I presume the circle with the cross inside that
>> Silverfast displays in the middle of the prescan image is showing where the
>> focus was taken.  Is there any way to adjust or move this to a different
>> area on the film?  It does move when you re-crop the pre-scanned image but
>> it would be great to choose a focus areas, much like Vuescan permits with my
>> LS 30.
>> Thaks.
>> Simon
>>> Simon Lamb wrote:
>>>> I have two questions for other SS 120 owners:
>>>> 1.  Does your machine make noises like something inside is vibrating,
>> almost
>>>> sounds like it is loose and rattling, during the autofocus procedure?
>>> Simon, my machine is noisy - a high pitched noise during auto focus and a
>> kind of
>>> whininning/rattling noise during the scan.  I think some of that noise is
>> from stepper
>>> control.
>>>> 2.  I have done some focus tests and found that there is inconsistency
>>>> between the focus when scanning frame one on a 6X6 strip and scanning
>> frame
>>>> three.  In some tests, frame one is very obviously more in focus and
>> sharper
>>>> and in other tests frame three is the more in focus and sharper.  It is
>> due
>>>> to the film flexing slightly when the holder is closed.  This
>> inconsistency
>>>> is not good as it is causing me to have to redo scans until I get the
>> best
>>>> focus, for which I do not have time.  Has anyone else noticed this or
>> got a
>>>> resolution/workaround?
>>> I have had a couple of instances where the film tried to bow in the
>> carrier.  But
>>> repositioning the film and locking it down again seemed to correct it.
>> I've had little
>>> problems with film not being flat.  Having said that, I'll still go for
>> the glass carrier
>>> when it becomes available.
>>> Jim
>>>> Thanks.
>>>> Simon

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