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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning B & W


I am getting excellent results scanning on the Sprintscan 120 as it scans in
raw and then converts to greyscale.  What I now do is scan in raw format
using Silverfast (Greyscale 16-bit HDR format), invert in Photoshop, adjust
the levels and the resultant image is usually just about spot on, with more
detail than I have seen with RGB or greyscale scans.

I presume Nikonscan has a raw mode and it is worth a try.


----- Original Message -----
From: "Shunith Dutt" <shunith@vsnl.com>
To: <simon@sclamb.com>
Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2002 2:59 PM
Subject: [filmscanners] Scanning B & W

> Hi... posted this a couple of days ago and no one's responded... so here
> goes again:
> Am just starting to scan B&W... now, i realise there are some obvious
> issues... ICE for instance... but what i'd like are a few basic tips
> save me having to reinvent the wheel.... :) (Am using a Nikon 4000ED)
> 1/ Realise that Nikon scans in RGB and then converts to Greyscale.
> Therefore, would it be better to scan in RGB and do the conversion in
> Photoshop, etc.?
> 2/ I like grain.... one of the reasons i mainly shoot on TriX for my
> personal stuff... what are the issues here? How do i keep the grainy look?
> Or will it get overaccentuated?
> 3/ Eg. The screen seems to show a nice mix of black to white and greys...
> but the histogram shows white peaking at the 255 level...ok... but the
> falls short of the 0 level. Am i therefore, setting the analog gain too
> high?
> Just a few questions, but any tips and further suggestions are very, very
> welcome... :)

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