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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning B & W

On 23 Apr 2002, at 19:29, Shunith Dutt wrote:

A couple of comments about this part:

> 1/ Realise that Nikon scans in RGB and then converts to Greyscale.
> Question: Therefore, would it be better to scan in RGB and do the
> conversion in Photoshop, etc.?

Many, if not most, BW purists scan in RGB and tweak in
PhotoShop. This includes color images that will be converted to
BW and BW film origs also.

One of the most often touted methods is to use Channel Mixer with
Monochrome checked to tweak the image for the exact BW look
you want. After that, leaving as RGB or converting to GrayScale is
subject to some debate. Mainly depends on output (many inkjets,
for example, do much better job, finer rez using color ink mixing for
BW than using only black carts - but then you also introduce color
casts depending on how well your screen view to print process is
calibrated and etc - so that's a whole 'nother topic).

There are also third party filters/actions available that are made to
closely simulate various b/w film "looks", like Plus-X, Tmax, etc.
You can find these by asking on Usenet rec.digital.photo, where
the subject comes up periodically.

One freebie I have bookmarked is:
Click on "mixer" in subtle links on left.

HTH some,

           Mac McDougald -- DOOGLE DIGITAL
  500 Prestwick Ridge Way # 39 - Knoxville, TN 37919
 doogle@doogle.com  865-540-1308  http://www.doogle.com

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