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[filmscanners] RE: Monitor calibration

Thanks Barbara.
Well, I cannot boast by the decent video card, since my only system so far
is quite old Compaq laptop powered by antique Celeron 330MHz with 192 MB RAM
and as you already realized the built-in video card is really weak. To make
the display stable I can barely run it at 800x600 @ 75 Hz vertical refresh
or sometimes even go down to 60 Hz.
Of course, I'm planning in near future to upgrade to decent desktop, but
anyway, I don't think the current system configuration might impact the
image quality in such way.

As about calibration, yesterday I tried different approach from one I
followed previously, but which closely resembles to yours:
I took generic sRGB Windows profile and calibrated the IIyama with Adobe
Gamma utility setting it to 6500K and tweaking colors and Gamma as needed.
Overall, the display solely appearance looking good, but this surely doesn't
resolve the casting problem which seems to be related to Nikon Color
management in NikonScan as I described in my reply to Laurie.
Still cannot figure out what went wrong. Not a while ago everything worked
fine, NikonScan delivered more or less true, satisfactory colors using it at
default color management settings.
The only thing was altered is new display, but then it is also seems to be
easily calibrated visually...

BTW, do you remember what kind of phosphor dots have you chosen during your
Adobe Gamma calibration for your Iiyama ?

Alex Z

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Sent: Monday, April 22, 2002 7:30 AM
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Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Monitor calibration

> A few days ago I changed my display purchasing new Iiyama VisionMaster
> 454.
> It comes with his own setup software (INF file and ICC profile) which I
> downloaded from their site and installed. into my system (Win98SE).
> Besides
> of that, I tweaked the monitor's profile using Adobe Gamma utility
> and installed it as working monitor's profile.

I also have an Iiyama Vision Master Pro. Plus I use a Matrox card.  I dimly
remember that there were some problems when I used one of the canned monitor
profiles. One of the internet sites had a big no-no for using any of the
profiles that came with either the grafics card or the monitor if you intent
use Adobe Gamma. So I started out with a generic NT profile (or none at all,
for all I know), and then 'calibrated' by using Adobe Gamma. That profile is
used as my monitor profile, and I have had no trouble since.

Best regards, Barbara Nitz

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