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[filmscanners] Re: Profiles

On Fri, 19 Apr 2002 00:00:00 +0200  Alex Zabrovsky (alexz@zoran.co.il)

> BTW, I compared the monitor's ICC profiles: one supplied with the monitor
> while another is created through Adobe Gamma utility.
> They seem not to alter the color interpretation of the pictures
> (I compared them using Assign Profile in Photoshop with Preview switched
> on
> going back and forth between monitor's ICC profile,
> my manually created profile, Adobe 98 RGB and sRGB.
> The only difference I noticed between these is in brightness which
> apparently relates to Gamma.

If your monitor is half-decent and came with a reasonably good profile, you
are unlikely to see much if any difference using the Adobe Gamma custom
profile, apart from overall gamma if you've set a non-native gamma in AG
(eg 1.8 for colourspaces which require it).

As for Adobe 98 vs sRGB, monitor space is sRGB, that's all a monitor can
display, and alternating these profiles only alters the way in which PS
maps the image values to working space to monitor space. You cannot ever
see the extra gamut of Adobe98, because the monitor phosphors can't
physically show it, sRGB (-ish) is the best they can do. And and of course
the image itself may not include any colours which require it. If the whole
image gamut fits within sRGB anyway, Adobe 98 is a waste of space [bad


Tony Sleep
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