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[filmscanners] Re: Re:GRAIN/ICE SHOWDOWN: Nikon LS8000vs.MinoltaScanMulti Pro!

.....and there we have the paradox.

I have yet to meet a software man who is happy with any "other's"  software.
The first thing they do is to look at the code and look at the programme
structure. Then they start on in with the critical comments, and they are
never, ever satisfied.

...and that is why no one software product is ever totally reliable or
specification completed.

Whatever you may think, as a software man about this programme, the best
judge of it's relevence is not you or yours but the average non computer
competent user.

Even then there are those whose whole existence is dictated by the need to
unravel, pick at and ultimatly destroy a particular programmes
creditability. If that's what makes them happy then there we go except when
they allow themselves to express this uncontrollable critical faculty to
influence less well informed individuals in a wholly negative fashion.

I'm an average user going back well before 1982 and I tell you that whatever
you may think or believe about the coding of this programme, your views are
no more relevent tnat the lowest competent ultimate user because they pay
the same money you pay and many wish to carry out much the same functions as
you using this product in the same way that you do.

Assuming that the average user wishes to produce an end result and is not
concerned as to the methodology, just so long as it is easy to learn, then
the Nikon software is perfectly satisfactory. It IS user friendly and, if
you insist in using the term, intuitive.

I have been using this scanning product with both Silverfast V:5.1 and
Nikonscan 3.01 for the last 6 months and I tell you that it is perfectly OK.
It does not crash out and it does not produce inconsistent results. It does
what the manufacturer say's it does and it does it without the need to read
a manual.

If an end user wishes to get the best from any Photographic imaging product
then a reasonable level of understanding of colour reproduction theory would
be of great assistance and by reproduction I mean Pre-press reproduction,
because while everyone talks RGB the final output happens to be CYMK which
is what colour repro is ultimately all about.

If an end user does not fully understand the inherent characteristics that
need to be mastered in four colour repro then that individual will have to
learn by hard experience and intuitive judgement.

Under those conditions the learning curve - as they say in the trade - will
be long and difficult with many mistakes being made and faulty
interpretation being well in evidence.

Under those circumstance I would suggest that you do not blame the software,
blame yourself.

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mark Otway" <mark@otway.com>
To: <dickbo@btopenworld.com>
Sent: Friday, April 12, 2002 9:55 AM
Subject: [filmscanners] RE: Re:GRAIN/ICE SHOWDOWN: Nikon
LS8000vs.MinoltaScanMulti Pro!

>> You must be  a computer techno to say that. I totally
>> disagree with everything in your message.

I am a 'computer techo' (a C++ developer), and I have to totally agree
with his message. Nikon Scan makes several moves away from the Windows
interface standards, making it unintuitive for new users. It works, but
undoubtedly could do with some improvements.

If an application performs flawlessly, has a perfect function set, and
is totally bug-free, then the authors can, to a certain extent, justify
playing with new interface styles and methodologies. However, since I've
never come across software yet which fulfills those 3 criteria (and
that's in 19 years of using, writing and maintaining applications) it's
not relevant. The time should have been spent making the application
work, not in inventing new UI styles.

Vuescan also has a fairly poor interface - a lot of the visual clues and
intuitive workflow is simple non-existant. However, since the output
results from VS are massively better than those obtained with NS, I am
prepared to overlook the simplistic interface. I also am aware of how
complicated Mac/Windows cross-platform UI development can be (having
done a fair bit myself) so again, I rather generously give Ed the
benefit of the doubt.


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