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[filmscanners] Re: SS 120 questions for current users

The short answer is you will have to some basic tweaking in Photoshop if you
use Insight 5.5 with the most recent transparency profile.  It comes in with
accurate color, but a little flat.  Many chromes you don't want an exact
color reproduction anyway, considering film's color distortions of lens
output.  Hey it's film you're looking at, not lens output:)  But in my
experience the colors are true to the chrome at Insight's no adjustment
settings, and I would think you could save a standard tone curve for
production work.

Color negs are an entirely different story.  Insight hypes colors, and
crossovers abound.  Vuescan is considerably better, but I find I often still
have to work with relatively minor crossovers quite a bit in Photoshop to
get a great final.  But since it doesn't start out hyped it's at least
possible to get there.  The little bit I've worked with Insight for negs my
impression was "impossible".  For production work with color negs you'd be
better off with Nikonscan or the Imacon software.  (Haven't used the Imacon
software, going by what I've heard.)

My .02


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From: "Simon Lamb" <simon@sclamb.com>
To: <kingphoto@mindspring.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2002 12:11 PM
Subject: [filmscanners] SS 120 questions for current users

I just spent three hours with an SS 120 and the Imacon Photo.  The only
major difference that I found was in the colour fidelity when scanning
slides, in this case Kodak E100VS 6X6 slides.  Whereas the Imacon
representation of the slide was spot on in colour reproduction, the SS 120
was more washed out and the saturation had been lost.

Other than that it seemed to be an excellent unit, not as good as the Imacon
in the final scans (the Imacon seemed to show more detail and smoother
transitions even though it was working at 3200dpi and not 4000dpi.

Have any of you current SS 120 users notices colours not being reproduced
correctly and have you managed to fix this easily using the scanner
software?  Or am I going to need to do a lot of colour manipulation in

Sorry to keep asking questions but I want to make sure I spend my money on
the right scanner as it is a lot of money.



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