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[filmscanners] RE: Re:GRAIN/ICE SHOWDOWN: Nikon LS8000vs.MinoltaScanMulti Pro!

>> As far as I can tell, Nikon Scan was designed and written by 
>> high-school students.  Nobody else would be inexperienced 
>> and nave enough to put a higher priority on cool, 
>> unconventional 3-D effects for buttons and dialog boxes than 
>> on ease of use and reliability.

Clearly you've never used Lotus Notes before. ;-)

As an off-topic but related aside, you may want to take a look at the
User Interface Hall of Shame (http://www.iarchitect.com/shame.htm) which
makes for an amusing read during a lunch hour. NS could be a potential
candidate for nomination.

>> This illustrates what seems to be a rule with computers:  
>> The better the hardware, the worse the software.  It's as if 
>> no company can afford to be good at both ... which may well 
>> be true.  HP makes nice hardware, and so does Nikon--but 
>> their software is a nightmare.

Sony are another great example.

>> Conversely, Microsoft makes good software, 

<hides under desk to avoid impending flame war>



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