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[filmscanners] RE: Re:Digital PIC

> > The medium/big format professional digital
> > camera backs are now approaching or even
> > surpassing 35mm film quality.
> None of the LF or MF one-shot backs comes anywhere close to film quality.
> The latest PhaseOne H20 back for MF yields 4080x4080 pixels, or less than
> one-fourth of a medium-resolution scan of film in the same format.

You're right about one shot backs as a general comment.  But, there are some
scanning backs (and I have one) that are 7k x 7k...and they are VERY good.
They ARE better than any film I use 200 and above ASA, but they are not
better than films below 200ASA.  That's a generalization, I know...but it's
purely my observation.

Scanning backs have an added advantage in that they are full color, instead
of the Bayer pattern used in most all one shot cameras (latest Foveon


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