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[filmscanners] Minolta Scan Multi Pro (was focus problems)

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Minolta Scan Multi Pro (was focus problems)
  • From: "david/lisa soderman" <scapes@wi.net>
  • Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 10:09:45 -0600
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> --- "Wilson, Paul" <PWilson@gomez.com> wrote: > Has
> anyone had any problems with manual focus on
>> this unit?  When using the
>> Minolta software, if I try to manual focus (6x7 or
>> 35mm, it doesn't matter)
>> the softare will lock up after i optimize focus and
>> hit OK.

No, my Multi Pro unit doesn't have any focus problems manual or auto.

But...what it does have is problems with negatives.
Images from scanned negs are extremely grainy.  There are also lots of
artifacts (surface flaws?) throughout the entire image.  No matter how good
I clean the negs, they're always there.  ICE helps some, but not completely.
GEM seems useless.  I tried it for 45 minutes; the progress bar didn't move
whatsoever!  (I shoot 100% 6x6 negs - so I didn't even test slide film.
Everyone seems to love the unit for slides.)

While I was trying out the Nikon 8000ED, I saved a scan from a 6x6 neg.  I
scanned the same neg with the Scan Multi Pro.  The comparison is quite
interesting.  The Scan Multi Pro is noticeably grainer.  This is especially
obvious in the faces of the subjects. The Nikon scan has smooth, natural
looking skin.  Ice did a superb job with the Nikon.  Meanwhile, the Scan
Multi Pro has rougher, grainy skin.
Actually, the Minolta scan looks a tad sharper; especially away from the
center and towards the edges.  (I keep wondering if the Minolta unit adds
sharpening during the actual scan.)
I can add a touch of Unsharp Mask to the Nikon scan with subtle results.
But when I add the same amount of Unsharp Mask to the Minolta scan, the
results look more dramatic.  Hmmmm.

Anybody else out there having less than spiffy results scanning negs with
the Scan Multi Pro?  Anybody have any suggestions or secret workarounds?

Now I'm beginning to contemplate selling it on Ebay.
The new Canon D60 camera (or the Kodak 760) is starting to seem pretty
tempting right about now.

Joyfully,  -david soderman- <><

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