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[filmscanners] RE: VueScan FIY

I'll comment on this subject, because I use Vuescan, and also because I
develop software which is distributed via the web.  It's hard work - if
your app becomes popular, the sheer volume of users can overwhelm you,
so I know what he's going through.

Firstly, as has been pointed out, VS *does* have a manual - it's
installed with the software and is extremely comprehensive. I was under
the impression that the manual was getting out of sync with all of the
updates that Ed's been doing (partly because he himself indicated that
this might be the case during the period of major change the software's
recently been through). However, when I asked him - via his email
support - about a particular feature, he told me to 'RTFM' (my words,
not his), and it was all explained there in the help files.

This brings me to the second issue - that of his participation in this
list. Frankly, I'm not surprised he 'bowed out', although perhaps it
might have been better if he'd clarified his reasons (hid did, kindof,
before he went skiing, but it may have been missed by some). Frankly, I
find it hard to keep up with this list some days, and I have a dossy job
:-), and can also skip many of the posts which refer to scanners I don't
own. It's a high-volume list, and since 85% of posts refer directly or
indirectly to VS, I can see how it was taking up all Ed's time to follow

However, this does not leave the product unsupported. There is a
comprehensive manual installed with every release, and Ed still has very
real-time online support. My last two support mails got a response
within 48 hours - and follow-on replies to those responses were answered
almost in real-time. Not bad, considering the time difference between me
(UK) and Ed (US).

For the price, the functionality and support given by VS is superb. Most
major software (PSP, PS6, etc) will charge for updates, and costs nearly
10x as much as VS in the first place. Ed could realistically charge $100
for VS, and add a $10 surcharge for each major re-release - the app
would still sell, without doubt. Not to mention, of course, that very
few other apps (bought online or off-the shelf) will see bug-fix
turnaround times of days or weeks (as opposed to months or years).

So before you criticise Ed, first read the manual. Then email him and
see if he helps with your problem. If he doesn't, ask onlist as a last
resort - many people here are experts in the use of VS and are happy,
willing and enthusiastic to help. If you still can't figure out your
issue, the go ahead and criticise Ed in public. But make sure you have
grounds for the criticsm, can suggest a better alternate piece of
software, and also don't forget to include him in the email's recipients
- slating him on a list of which he's not even a member hardly allows
him to defend himself, now does it?


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