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[filmscanners] RE: Polaroid's future

David's referring to the Zero Image camera(s).  I bought a Zero 2000 and
when I'm not using it, it sits out on a bookshelf (unlike my other
cameras) like the piece of fine woodworking that it is.

Nevertheless, it's too bad Polaroid lost its way.  Those of us who are
photographers will be the poorer for it in a number of ways (the Boston
Globe ran a story about the likelihood of Polaroid selling off its
photography collection).  Then there are the employees.  I've haven't
been a large volume user of Polaroid materials but you'd never know that
when I called the company.  The reps were always helpful and that's been
echoed by the couple of calls I've made for technical assistance
regarding my scanner and all of David's posts to this newsgroup.  The
real sadness here is that these folks who put so much effort into making
Polaroid work are finding their jobs going away while the one's who put
the company in the hole are collecting retention bonuses.

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Subject: [filmscanners] RE: Polaroid's future

Pin hole camera's are a very viable business with the aim of extending
Polaroid's instant photography in the creative and educational markets!
particular camera supports 4x5 film  Do a google search for pin hole
there are dozens of web sites devoted to that subject and several
manufactures of such camera's. I recently saw a beautiful teak pin hole
camera made by a photographer/company in Hong Kong.
Polaroid sells hundreds of thousand's of packs of film into the creative
market for image transfers and the like. This camera fits that business
it is cheap.
May not be your cup of tea but it is for many others.

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