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[filmscanners] Re: Question for 2450 owners

The 2450 comes with three film holders. One handles 120 formats (up to 6x9
format, in film strips) and 4x5. The second handles mounted 35mm slides
(2x2" mounts). The third handles 35mm negs or transparencies up to two
strips of 6 frames in length.

Many times I just drop my film or mounted transparency on the flatbed
glass, emulsion down, scan and then reverse them in Photoshop. Easier than
loading the film holders. Results are indistinguishable from using the
holder, but you have to be careful to get the orientation correct.

I also drive the 2450 exclusively with VueScan
<http://www.hamrick.com/> ... I only used the Epson supplied software to
test that it worked once.


On Sunday, March 10, 2002, at 05:04  PM, Ken Durling wrote:

> Hi folks -
> The only place around here where I can see an Epson 2450 is CompUSA
> and those clerks know jack.  I asked to see a manual and no go either.
> Criminy.    Anyway, I was looking at the transparancy/negative carrier
> and trying to figure out how it worked.  There may have been a piece
> that wasn't on display.  What I saw saw was a bracket with a
> wavy-edged slot for sliding a negaitive strip into, and then 4 or 5
> 6x6cm or 2x2" cutouts in the same piece, I assume for slides and MF
> negatives.  But how would you feed a strip of 6x6 negs?  Do they have
> to be cut into individual frames?  Or hold a slide in for that matter?
> I'm not exactly sure of the size of the cutouts, whether it was 2x2
> for slides or 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 for MF.  The cutouts didn't have a lip to
> hold a the mounted slide in postion, nor did they look they were set
> up for a snap fit.

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