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[filmscanners] Re: New price on Flextight Photo in UK

>> Now, given the recent price reductions, for another 1,000 more than the
competition, I can't see any reason to consider any other scanner over the
Flextight.  I am always open to contrary views though, and if anyone can
provide good reasons not to go the Flextight route (barring saving the
money) then I would take all advice on board. <<

With the current price reductions, the Flextight sounds pretty competitive.
When I was doing my comparisons, the Flextight II was 4x the price of the
Nikon/Polaroid scanners. The Flextight II was also slow, noisy in the
shadows, and the PC software wasn't very good. The Photo seems to be a
better all around scanner, and if I was in your position, given the new
pricing, I'd certainly give it a serious look.

It's not the scanner for everyone though. If you have a lot of 35mm slides,
you'll need to remove them from their mounts. This may or may not be
acceptable to you, if your scanning volume is high. Of course, you could
always get your slide film returned unmounted and that would take care of
the problem.

Another potential issue is scanning long 120 negs (panoramas). I had
difficulty with the film buckling towards the end of the scan. Film base
varies quite a bit between type and brand, so this is another issue that may
or may not be a problem for you.

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