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[filmscanners] Re: OT: Choosing a high End CRT

>> That's what I found too...my LCDs have very bad low light response.
that are plain as day on my CRT don't even exist on my LCD...and I, too,
calibrated using the Spider.  Since most all my work is B&W, and particular
to shadow detail, I'm really unable to use LCDs at this point, at least the
ones I've tried. <<

That's why I feel profiling is important for LCD's. Before profiling my
unit, anything below 80% or so was black. After profiling, the shadow detail
I get on the LCD is much better; almost, but not quite as good as my CRT.
I'm only talking a few percentage points here.

Someone else has reported that the Apple LCD's are pretty good right out of
the box. If you're ever near an Apple dealer, you might want to stop in with
a sample image or two and see what one of the better LCD displays looks

The state of the art in LCD's is much better now than it was a year or so
ago, and they're only going to get better (and cheaper). In another year or
two CRT's will be an endangered species.

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