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[filmscanners] Re: Where can I actually *buy* an Nikon 8000ED?

Sorry Art

Terminology to suit the situation.

This is how Nikon explain banding on there Australian agents (Maxwell Optical 
Industries) web
site.  Perhaps its not to alarm consumers as to the fact that it does band, 
which they admit by
saying its "fine lines".

>From the examples I have seen its more serious than there fine line 


Arthur Entlich wrote:

> I don't mean to sound thick, but your posting is too cryptic for me to
> understand how in any way it discredits what I have said (and I even
> went to the website you site... which just repeats what you wrote below...)
> Can you please expand on this further so my thick head can understand
> your fine lines ;-)
> Art
> Op's wrote:
> > Art
> >
> > You have it wrong    -  re banding  ( its not  - they are fine lines )
> >
> When you write "its not -"  what is "its" referring to, please?
> The lines I have seen in samples with banding could indeed be called
> fine lines, and also could be as a result of the tri-line CCD sensor
> only having one line calibrated, which is what I am suggesting is the
> cause of the banding, as it was explained to me.
> I believe I also stated that switching to Extra Fine scan mode would
> eliminate the lines and increase scan times.  Again from my
> understanding of the Nikon LS-8000, this is because the Extra fine mode
> only uses one of the tri-line sensors lines, the calibrated one, which
> also explains why the scan time is increased.
> > http://www.maxwell.com.au/support/faq/ls8000/11414_ls8000_jw.html
> >
> > Question. Sometimes I get very fine lines in my final scan. Is there a way 
>to minimise this?
> >
> > Answer Yes. In Tool Palette>Scanner Extras tick the check box beside Extra 
>Fine Scan Mode.
> > This
> > will remove the fine lines but overall the scan time will be longer.
> >
> >
> > Now you have it from the horses mouth  ;-)
> >
> > Rob
> >
> I know Maxwell's Silver Hammer, but not his horse or his horse's mouth. ;-)
> Art

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