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[filmscanners] Lawrence's request ;-) - was -RE: Re: OT - Informed opinion debate/cle

> > Peter,
> >
> > Yes, I do have a web site.  I also have posted many images over
> the years
> > that I personally took, developed and scanned.  If you, or anyone, is
> > interested, I am happy to give you the URLs for them.
> >
> > Austin
> I'd love to take a look Austin.  Having heard so much about that killer
> scanner ;-) let's see what it can do!
> Lawrence

Hi Lawrence,

The web site is for my current business, which is engineering consulting


and it has no photographic images on it with direct links, since I'm not in
the photography business any more (having been a commercial photographer for
near 10 years).  But...I am still very active in photography (obviously),
so, per your request,  I'm more than happy to post some recent images:


Hasselblad 205FCC/110-2FE @ f2/Tri-X 400/D76 1:1


Hasselblad 2003FCW/80-2.8CF/Plus-X/D76 1:1


Contax RTSIII/85-1.4 @ 1.4/Tri-X 400 @ 800/D76 1:1

and last but not least:


Hasselblad 2003FCW/80-2.8CF @ f2.8/Plus-X 125/D76 1:1

Keep in mind these are 100DPI images on a computer monitor...in JPEG format.
FYI, my server is a Unix based server, and IS case sensitive.

If you really want to judge the Leaf for it's B&W performance, I suggest you
get an original, which, I would be more than happy to swap images with
(most) anyone who asks.



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