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[filmscanners] OT - Informed opinion debate/cle

Siiiggghhh   :-(

Maybe I'm just having a bad day...

> Out of curiosity, do you have a web site

What does having a web site have to do with quality of opinions?

> Sorry for this sounding like a personal attack.

Why be sorry?  It is one.  And I for one am very sick of this stuff.

We are all grown-ups here (?), and surely we can make our *own* judgements on 
what we hear.  Anyone who takes *one* person's opinion (be it your's, Art's, 
Moreno's, mine or whatever) as gospel surely deserves what they get :-).

The whole idea of a mailing list is to share experiences and opinions.  It is 
the role of the reader to then decide what is wheat and chaff.  If someone is 
sprouting 'untruths', then by all means just post the 'truth' and let the list 
decide for itself. If you attack or question the credentials of the poster, 
what sort of response can you expect, except an angry or hurt retort?

And how exactly does that benefit the list?

If we are interested in what someone has posted on the web, we can always go 
looking for ourselves.  If we wish to know how informed a person is, we can do 
the same, or browse through back issues of the list.

And having done a bit of browsing myself..  Hmmm.

I'm sure the list can judge who does the most 'sniping' for themselves also.

As for me, well, my website will fail professional scrutiny quite miserably.  
So I'll now take some time off the list - my opinions will not be acceptable 


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