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[filmscanners] RE: Where can I actually *buy* an Nikon 8000ED?

>  >>Art
>  >
>  > You sure have a lot of opinions, but it doesn't sound like you've
> used any
>  > of the scanners you mention.
>  >
> Yeap, I have a lot of informed opinions.


Out of curiosity, do you have a web site, or can you point to any images you
have posted on the web?  It would be nice to see some of your
accomplishments/background that make your opinions so "informed", as you so
claim.  You have been very silent in providing that information.

Sorry for this sounding like a personal attack.  I tried to be quiet on this
one (as well as all his unwarranted snipes and other misinformation over the
past few months), but just claiming one's opinions are informed, doesn't
make them so, and I'd like to know just what the reality of that is.

You say (and I'm sure believe), that your opinions are "informed", but I
know that at least I, as well as a few others, who are professionals in this
very industry, tend to "disagree" with quite a few of your supposedly
"informed" opinions/claims.  You obviously are very good at parroting things
that are published/common knowledge, and have a wealth of information, and
you do use that well to help out people, and I certainly have no problem
with that...but as Moreno basically said, you talk a lot...which is fine,
but it appears you try to come across as having experience that you don't.


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