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[filmscanners] Re: Epson 2450 and MF...Mac problems

I have a PowerMac G4 Cube/500 that I do all my photographic work with.

I installed the Epson 2450 running Mac OS 9.2.2 and tested it with the 
provided software, but don't normally use it that way.

I run Mac OS X (v10.1.2) full time and drive it with VueScan v7.4.2, I've 
tested using the 2450 using both USB and FireWire connections, both work 
perfectly. VueScan 7.5 loads it too, allows you to configure the scan, but 
exits when you press the Preview or Scan button. Ed's been on vacation so 
he hasn't looked into this yet.

Be sure your friend has VueScan 7.4.2. I believe I first ran it with one 
of the last of the VueScan 7.3.x versions.


On Monday, February 18, 2002, at 04:52  AM, Richard wrote:

>>>> Use a good search engine and look up something like "slide film 
>>>> adapter
>>>> for flatbed" don't expect miracles in terms of the resultant image.
>>> Thanks.  Well, I suspected as much.  Now I'm interested to hear from
>>> folks who have used the Epson 2450 with MF media.
>> I just bought a 2450 Friday.  So far I am quite pleased with it.  Here 
>> are
>> some small shots scanned from 6x7.  The candlestick and the car were on
>> slide film, and the iris was on negative film.  I have exclusively used
>> Vuescan to run it, tho' I'll the the silverfast SE sometime soon.
> Hi Victor
> Are you Mac or PC? I ask because a friend has a Mac and a 2450 and cant 
> get
> it to work with Vuescan, in fact Vuescan doesnt even see the scanner. I 
> was
> wondering if you or any others are running Mac and 2450 with Vuescan and 
> if
> so could I ask a few questions.

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