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[filmscanners] Re: Multi-coloured lines in images...

I'm assuming these defects move around and are not permanent in the
files, in other words an image with this defect if opened another time,
or on another system, will either not show it or show it in a different

The first thing I would do is to start your system in "safe mode" and
see if the problem is still visible.  If not, it might indicate a driver
is corrupt or a memory or IRQ or DMA conflict with the driver, which
might have occurred from loading a driver for something else, or a new
peripheral, or even some software.

Try running the computer in another graphic mode, lower res, less
colors, and see if it goes away.

Regardless, I would do is deinstall and reinstall the video card driver,
if that isn't difficult to do.

Then check in device manager to see if any IRQ or DMA or memory conflict
are occurring.

Next make sure all connections are good and clean you mention having
reseated the cards, but also make sure that all the connections are
clean.  Try pulling the card and cleaning the edge connection with
alcohol and a slightly rough cloth.

There might be a cold solder joint on the card, or an intermittent.  If
it still isn't working well you might want to try gently flexing it
while it is in the computer and on, and see if that changes anything (be
very careful, you can damage the card with static electricity, shorting
components with a ring, etc, or overflexing the multilayering of the
circuit board.

Lastly, there might be a bad component or bad memory on the card, that
can be a real problem that only replacement might solve.

Always look for software and driver problems first before moving to
hardware in these types of problems.  If you can move the card to another
computer, you might want to test it elsewhere, in case the mainboard or
connectors within the MB are going bad.


Preben S. Kristensen wrote:

 > Good evening from Italy.
 > I'm experiencing between one and four thin lines in almost half my
 > The  length, position and orientation seems completely random. The
colour is
 > dependent of the background colour (it is the complimentary colour
more or
 > less) and the thickness of the lines are mostly one or two pixels,
but can
 > also more rarely be three or four pixels wide.
 > I first noticed them in connection with scanning and thought that one
of the
 > scanners had a problem, but I have since seen them on transferred images
 > (there was nothing wrong with the images on the other computer.
 > I suspect a loose connection in the computer somewhere, but I have
 > all the cards, cables and memory sticks and I still get the problem.
 > SS4000 - MSI 2380 raid MB - 1.3 GB DDR - Athlon 2000+ - Raid 0 150 GB -
 > matrox 450 (32MB) - Sony FW900 - adaptec 2904 - W2K - PS 6.01 and going
 > nuts!
 > Any solutions??? Or is it < Nero, the black sheep's long distance curse>?
 > :-)
 > Preben
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