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[filmscanners] Re: Scanner interfaces - was - RE: Caution: Irony virus alert! (was ADMIN:List charter alterations)

Yes , I did notice the English apparent meaning of my name ... Easy I/O ...
;o) ... but the prononciation is totally different ... being ''aezeeoh'' ...
Dear Austin , we in North East Italy (Venice) do not get disturbed by
nicknames or changing of our first names ... neither we are very sensitive
on this matter ... in facts everybody here could have a sour (and hidden to
the owner !! ;o) ...) nickname ... given by friends and not friends to cut
in a word his description , his character ... this is a tradition in Venice
so I have been ... Lion (when I was 18) , then recently ''Highlander'' for
the attitude I have of  suddenly pushing the sword and behead people in
front of me (not the friends ... of course ;o) ...) ... lately people calls
me ''The Arab'' for my permanence in the Middle East 3 years long ...
So I don't care if my name can be changed in ''Easy I/O'' ...I am used to
more rude nicknames ... specially those I am not allowed to know !  ;o) ...
he he he !

Regarding FireWire ... it is already a standard on the Mac platform ... but
on the Intel platform not yet (IMHO)  .  The competition of super-serial
protocols like USB-2 can cause to FireWire of not being able to become a
standard on Intel platform ....
The old, reliable and WELL KNOWN SCSI protocol likely will survive happily
to all these new stuffs ... last but not least we are facing narrow
bandwidth = slow devices  like scanners ... and for these devices one of the
SCSI implementations is quite enough .

Regarding storage , please, understand me if I don't want to pick up any
more the argument ... it is not Saturday !!  ;o) ... and so being every
Saturday  my system under defragmentation I won't have the chance any more
of  ''taking the hat'' on this !! ;o) ...

P.S.: ''Taking the hat'' it's a tipical idiomatic Italian of North East
expression meaning going tempered ....  he he he ! ;o) ...

Ciao to everybody :o)))



www.lucenti.com  e-photography site

ICQ: 139507382
----- Original Message -----
From: "Austin Franklin" <darkroom@ix.netcom.com>
To: <ezio.lucenti1@tin.it>
Sent: Monday, February 11, 2002 8:36 PM
Subject: [filmscanners] Scanner interfaces - was - RE: Caution: Irony virus
alert! (was ADMIN:List charter alterations)

Hi Ezio,

Don't take this the wrong way, but your name sounds like a great name for a
new interface standard (EZ-I/O) ;-)

All joking aside, it appears to me that Firewire is probably the better way
for scanners to interface these days.  Has anyone done a comparison of
Firewire vs SCSI on throughput, say with a scanner that has both?


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