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[filmscanners] Vuescan 7.5b14: not responding to help and too slow for SA30 roll film.

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Vuescan 7.5b14: not responding to help and too slow for SA30 roll film.
  • From: "ThomasH" <herthh@attbi.com>
  • Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 00:49:39 -0800
  • Newsgroups: comp.periphs.scanners
  • Organization: none
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I can not invoke the help function on my WinME. It simply does nothing.
Same the "About" function.

I wanted figure out what is new with the IR cleaning. Previously
the selection was "Never", "Preview", "Scan" and "Always." Now
it is a degree of the IR scan only, probably the "Always" mode
is default now.

Besides, the new Vuescan is so slow that the SA-30 keep ejecting
film before a scan is finished. I scan 4000dpi with size reduction 5,
IR medium, Grain reduction medium, sharpen, output is 24bit tiff,
thus I make moderate size files of 1.1--1.9 Mbyte each.

I still could not grasp the new image size concept. The new default
setting "Scan Resolution Auto" generates a tiny image only, so I
change it manually to what it was previously: The highest available
scan resolution.

Image size is "35mm film", image units are pixels. I do not print
thus I do not have any use for other units of length.

The new Vuescan has a lot of auto-image updates, animations etc.
At least currently it performs them at seemingly unnecessary
moments, e.g. without any performed preview or scan on a new inserted
film and is very sluggish in reacting to functions such as Abort.

The advantage of the previous Vuescan was its simplicity and
explicit control over the image updates. It has always immediately
reacted to mouse clicks, the threading appeared to be perfect.
But, I was always rather happy with the smallest possible user
interface of the "traditional Vuescan" and rather hoping on
novelties in image processing, such as better and faster grain
removal, smooth color transitions of areas with small luminance
gradation (faces, sky), contrast function other than the white
and black point and more options in light temperature correction,
maybe even a digital filter emulation.

Oops, the film is out of SA30 again, the image scan shows 94%.
Let me put in the film before Vuescan aborts the scan again...

Holly heaven!!! Vuescan has rotated the image vertically again
somehow, I must abort again anyway and maybe even better, I will
grab the 7.3.13 or even the traditional 7.2.7. They were lovely
and much faster.


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