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[filmscanners] "Lazy sensors", was Finally, I can talk about the SS4000+ (LONG)

>> Can anything be done about the "lazy sensor" problem?  Is this something
>> that gets more pronounced over time with CCD scanners?
>> Dave

>Eek!, My two different Minolta Dual II had them from day one... and they
>get worse over time...?  Oh oH!

I don't know that they do.  It may be that I just hadn't run into a
situation with the T-2500 where the CCD "signature" was so obvious, which in
my case was overexposed 4x5 color neg film of even toned subject matter.
Going back to previous scans from 4x5 color negs I can see the streaks, but
they seem more subtle.  Perhaps the difference is overexposure, it would
seem plausible.  I just finished a job scanning 4x5 chromes, and the scans
are as good as ever.  Which is to say quite good, but there is more noise in
the shadows certainly than with my SS4000, or a colleagues SS120.  These
4000dpi Polaroid scanners are really very good.  Still wondering how the 45
Ultra stacks up :)


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