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[filmscanners] RE: Slightly OT: Hard Drive Speed


You don't give up, do you?

> >>Come on Moreno, that's a silly comparison.  I've shown an apples for
> apples
> comparison that SCSI and IDE are comparably priced.<<
> My comparison shows the kind of pricing you'd get in Canada if you bought
> them from a local retailer. This pricing comparison is quite
> valid as those
> are the real-world prices most people will be paying for either type of
> drive. I can't vouch for what prices are in other countries.

And comparing prices for a VW and a school bus are also equally as
valid...to someone, I guess.

> I don't doubt that online suppliers selling surplus and
> remaindered product
> can do much better with some models,

The drives I mentioned were not surplus and remainder products.  You're
being silly again.  They were easily available, entirely mainstream

> and you're living up to your
> reputation

What reputation is that?  Asking you facts, and questioning misinformation?
Sorry if that offends you, but I don't like misinformation, and your claim
was pure misinformation.

> by coming up with the exceptions.

Well, it is YOU who came up with a comparison of two exceptions...a cheap
LARGE IDE drive with an expensive SMALL SCSI drive.

> If you want to continue this discussion, I'd appreciate it if you took it
> off list.

It's not really a discussion, so I really don't want to continue it past
this, thanks.  I've made my points, and the facts speak for themselves.
Others have chimed in and told you that your comparison was really not valid
also, yet you continue to defend it.


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