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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning old Lantern Slides

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Re: Scanning old Lantern Slides
  • From: "" <wogears@fast.net>
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 16:20:24 -0500
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Scuttlebut at Camera Arts mag is that the Microtek does NOT
come anywhere near its claimed Dmax (or maybe it does, only
the Dmin is like 2.0 <g>)

The Polaroids are excellent scanners, but I don't think the
lantern slides would fit (I assume they are glass plate).
Otherwise, David's offer sounds truly generous!

(Maybe a Polaroid for my next film scanner?)


> John,
> If either the Sprintscan 4000 or the Sprintscan 120 would
> be able to do this
> I would consider loaning you a scanner for the project.
> Please give me as
> good a description of the slides as possible.
> Thanks
> David
> Hello,
> I have taken on a project to scan 50 old lantern slides
> from a Mt McKinley
> expedition in 1910. This is a not for profit organization
> I am going to be
> working for and they don't have ton's of cash to spend on
> a scanner. With
> that said can anyone recommend a decent flatbed scanner
> for scanning these
> images. From looking at them I can say the most important
> feature would be
> excellent highlight detail since a lot of shots have snow
> and bright sky.
> The images will eventually end up being output to film
> also.
> At the high end I have been looking at the UMAX 3000 but
> it may be a bit
> pricey at $4300. In the midrange the Agfa T2500 looks
> promising at $3000. I
> am a little scared to go with the Microtek ArtixScan 1100
> even though
> Microtek says it has 3.9 D-Max. For some reason I don't
> have faith in that
> brand - no past experience just rumors.
> What ever happened to Heidelberg or Linotype-Hell
> scanners. I can't find one
> online retailer who sells them? And their website is a
> mess - can't find any
> prices or dealer info for the US.
> Anyway any help with this would be appreciated.
> Regards,
> John

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