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[filmscanners] Vuescan Suggestion

  • To: lexa@www.lexa.ru
  • Subject: [filmscanners] Vuescan Suggestion
  • From: "Paul Chefurka" <paul@chefurka.com>
  • Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2002 11:54:39 -0500
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I'm forwarding this bit of discussion thread from the scanners ng because I
think it contains an idea worth considering.  4 messages are copied below.

Ed, and loyal VueScan users --

I don't think the "animation" approach chosen and available in the most
recent version hits the mark.  I was just confused when the default
animation delay was 1 second, then I was really confused when it was 30
seconds.  The concept that one would want to endlessly cycle between the
previous and current version of a change seems unlikely, to me -- I find it
really confusing and jarring.

Isn't the concept here something like a toggle "Compare", "Swap",
"Undo/Redo", "Preview", "Proof" or "Revert"?  The verb "Animate" doesn't
make much sense to me.

Yes, yes, I know you can turn all this stuff off if you don't want it.  But
I do want the function, I just think you might reconsider the
to make it a bit more intuitive.  Perhaps consider PS or PSP (yes, they are
implemented in modal dialogs, so the case is a bit different, but I don't
think that should really matter).

An alternative approach, although "a bit" trickier to implement in the
preview pane, would be a horizontal slider/spin control that separates the
preview in a before and an after image to the left and right of the

This would work for me.  It would also be acceptable to me if I
could just toggle back and forth between the two images by clicking
on some control and/or depressing a key (one or more).

This is reminiscent of the "Preview" box in Photoshop - you make a change,
and before you apply it you can check and uncheck the box to cycle the
change in and out.  I like that, and I agree it would be better than the
current "animate".  However, Ed's not going to see the suggestion here -
I'll post it to the Filmscanners list.


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