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[filmscanners] Re: Scanning old Lantern Slides

I can't specifically comment on the scanners you mention, although I
know there have been some good reviews of the Agfa 2500.

You may wish to consider some of Epson's higher end flatbeds as well.

In terms of Microtek, you should know that they make many of the
scanners sold by other companies. In fact, the Agfa 2500 is made by
them, and there is a very similar version under the Microtek name.

Heidelberg or Linotype-Hell were rebadging scanners, although often
there are some aspects of the design that they might influence, and they
may provide the up front software as ell.

Microtek also makes Polaroid's SS4000 series scanners, a well respected
product, overall.


John Prokos wrote:

> Hello,
> I have taken on a project to scan 50 old lantern slides from a Mt McKinley
> expedition in 1910. This is a not for profit organization I am going to be
> working for and they don't have ton's of cash to spend on a scanner. With
> that said can anyone recommend a decent flatbed scanner for scanning these
> images. From looking at them I can say the most important feature would be
> excellent highlight detail since a lot of shots have snow and bright sky.
> The images will eventually end up being output to film also.
> At the high end I have been looking at the UMAX 3000 but it may be a bit
> pricey at $4300. In the midrange the Agfa T2500 looks promising at $3000. I
> am a little scared to go with the Microtek ArtixScan 1100 even though
> Microtek says it has 3.9 D-Max. For some reason I don't have faith in that
> brand - no past experience just rumors.
> What ever happened to Heidelberg or Linotype-Hell scanners. I can't find one
> online retailer who sells them? And their website is a mess - can't find any
> prices or dealer info for the US.
> Anyway any help with this would be appreciated.
> Regards,
> John

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