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[filmscanners] RE: OTish : thumbnail CD cover creators?

Compupic from Photodex (
http://www.photodex.com/products/compupic/index.html ) can do what you'd
like with it's index function - but only for 8bit/color TIFF's (and
other formats). It's a GREAT program, but it can't handle 16bit TIFF
files. The Photodex folks have yet to be convinced that people who do
serious scanning NEED this capability. I usually resort to using
ThumbsPlus when I have to handle (often!) the greater bit depth files.

The Compupic index function allows you to set number of images per index
page (multi page indexes!), index resolution (I use 800x800 for CD
indexes) and offers numerous image and page header/footer options. It
will even apply a drop shadow effect to the image thumbnails to jazz up
the appearance. To use it, all you do is highlight the images you want
to include in an index, fill in the format details (it can remember them
for next time), and it will do the work in the background (quickly!) and
create a file and/or print your index. Here's a sample:


Cliff Ober

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Sent: Monday, December 31, 2001 8:48 AM
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Subject: [filmscanners] OTish : thumbnail CD cover creators?

Hi Guys, hope you had a good xmas and are going to have a few beers

I am about to archive a lot of large raw scans to CD and I was just
wondering if there is any CD cover creation program that can put
thumbnails & filenames up there automatically. (at the moment it looks
like i would have to change resolution, convert to jpeg, add each image
and title manually - not something i could every be arsed to do)

There must be something out there for doing just this? (BTW, this is a
Windows 2000 system


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